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Hair Extensions


Unmatched Quality

Here at DreamCatchers, we’re all about quality, and we take pride in our hair, just as you do. That’s why we only use 100% Remy hair. Doing this ensures lasting, quality hair, the kind you dream about.

100% Remy Hair

In our experience, the quality of the hair is the most important factor in the hair extension business. At DreamCatchers, our hair is a unique blend of Remy hair which means that the cuticles are intact and the hair runs from root to point.

Silicone Free

Unlike the glue-in systems which are usually dipped in silicone to create the illusion of silky shiny hair (which washes out and drops performance dramatically after a few washes), DreamCatchers hair is of such a premium quality that they perform without losing their luster.

The Florida affiliate for InvisaBlend.

The Invention of the InvisaBlend Micro Strand® is a major breakthrough because NOW for the first time ever hair can be added leaving all of your existing hair safe, healthy, usable and FREE to grow.

In a world where ALL other options cause some degree of additional hair loss—the InvisaBlend® concept called Hair Stranding® is major Revolutionary breakthrough!

InvisaBlend® , also called Hair Stranding® is the Logical Health Choice when you see how it works—simply look at the pictures above to see the InvisaBlend Micro Strand® before real hair is added onto it, and then see the next picture of the finished InvisaBlend Micro Strand® after ONE human hair at a time has been added onto it—The InvisaBlend Micro Strand® therefore disappears and you then only see single human hairs spread apart from each other—the SAME way hair GROWS out of your scalp.

An individualized InvisaBlend Micro Strand® is customized for each person’s specific hair situation—with certain percentages of real hair within each specific areas need.  Most importantly…due to the InvisaBlend Micro Strand® invention being completely translucent—when it’s blended in-between your own hair the InvisaBlend Micro Strand® disappears upon contact onto your scalp—this therefore creates single human hairs appearing to be GROWING directly out of your scalp—a true Hair Growth Duplication, and truly Revolutionary!!!

Hair Stranding® by InvisaBlend is the Health and easy choice because you see and feel NOTHING but more hair, and it’s all possible due to the InvisaBlend Micro Strand® invention.  Brush and comb directly down to your scalp and do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING as you would with your own hair—full flexibility and freedom like nothing else, revolutionary!

Hair Stranding® also last 3 to 4 YEARS… which is 10X longer than hair extensions and other options. Watch some of the InvisaBlend® videos to see exactly what Hair Stranding® by InvisaBlend® is and how it actually works.

Available for both Men and Women!!!!!!

Hairdreams Certified in Quickkies®, Keratin Prebonds®, and Laserbeamer Nano Gun®.

Laserbeamer Nano Gun® Do a full head in less than an hour. Hair is preloaded on a Nano gun and installed. You can get hair in a busy schedule. Lasts 6-9 months, with very low maintenance. Hair comes in 2 qualities and can be reusable. We can send the hair to the company and they re-tip the hair to reuse again. Top quality, silkiest hair on the market…the Ferrari of hair!

The Company
Hairdreams® has been a worldwide leading provider of real hair extensions for many years. The Hairdreams philosophy includes a strict quality orientation. Only absolutely healthy, thoroughly tested hair passes the stringent Hairdreams quality control and is subsequently gently refined. The result: excellent hair quality, which in the meantime has become the Hairdreams “trademark”. 

The Guarantee
Proof of this outstanding quality is the Hairdreams guarantee of faultless hair quality during the entire wearing period. The prerequisite is simply maintenance of the necessary care measures and the regular aftercare at your Hairdreams partner. The record is entered in your Hairdreams care pass.